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Experiment updates

I had been meaning to blog for a while about my experiment in learning Colossians.  I just never got round to it really. I suppose it’s because the last few weeks have been fairly intense as I’ve engaged in the Other Experiment.  The one where I try to start believing God’s Word about my drivenness. … Continue reading


I love how God’s timing works sometimes…  Preaching at college recently turned out to be a great chance to practise speaking to congregations other than my local church, something I am going to be doing more of as a result of a new opportunity which has come my way. I have agreed to be part … Continue reading

A new title for the CV

You may have wondered why the post on Friday about that book which I really didn’t like!  Well, I have just found a way to get free books.  In fact, I spent about an hour last weekend scouring the internet for publishers who would happily send books to me in return for a review.  After … Continue reading

Torrents of text

I haven’t written a proper blog post for several weeks now.  (The last two definitely don’t count!)  And I have really missed writing. I was determined not to write over Christmas because I wanted to do my best to take a week off from all of my various part-time activities.  I pretty much succeeded and … Continue reading

Time off!

Just over a week ago, I listed what had to be done in the three weeks following.  Since I was – and am! – planning to have time off between Christmas and New Year, I’ve recognised that everything else will have to go quiet for a couple of weeks.  That includes my blog! But as … Continue reading

Writing with a pen

In what is more of a news and updates kind of post (for which, read, ‘I have nothing intelligent to say this week’), I have been having fun writing with my digital pen. It’s one of those totally amazing inventions – albeit in the eyes of only a very small percentage of the population!  If … Continue reading

The book problem

I’ve posted about this before.  In fact, there is a series of posts from me on the subject because I have this problem with books.  It’s a bit like a child who overloads their plate with food at a party.  They promptly take a bite from every item before feeling overfaced by the quantity of … Continue reading

Getting ‘interviewed’

This blogging awards business has been fun so far.  Someone actually wanted to ‘interview’ me about being a finalist.  That really makes me laugh! Anyway, in case you are even vaguely interested in what I said, click here to go through to the Big Bible website.  And while you’re there, make sure you check out … Continue reading

Writings from the water

Well, here I am, having done not only this research induction but also one week at my research desk.  (One week being, in real terms, two days because I am part-time everything and full-time nothing!) The water-walking has begun in earnest and it has been a strange week.  The worst day, without doubt, was Tuesday. … Continue reading

First steps on the water!

Well, here I am with one week to go before the official induction for research students.  I am ready to learn lots of very interesting things which will better equip me (I hope!) for this crazy research journey. The induction also includes what would be my third library tour in four years.  But as the … Continue reading