I’ve been challenged to start blogging.  Will I make it even to the end of this month or, like so many other endeavours, will this one fall by the wayside?  Will this just be about starting or will I finish?

In fact, this idea of finishing is significant to me.  I want to finish well.  I don’t want to be like so many others whom I see, losing their  focus and prioritising other things that are not the one thing they promised allegiance to.  And that is, in part, the theme of my blogging.  The art of steering is about how to run a good race, how to keep running hard over the finish line and how not to wander off the track.  Can I steer successfully through life so that when I am old I can say that I have finished well?

Yet this is not the only theme of my blogging: for me, the art of steering  is also the art of leadership.  kybernetes  is a Greek word found in the New Testament for a God-given gift.  Often we translate it ‘administration’ but actually it comes closer to a sense of ‘piloting’…the gift of piloting or steering a church.  I don’t know all that much about leading a church but I am learning – through practice on a poor unsuspecting  church and through the wisdom of others! 

So theartofsteering is about living life well and about leadership.  I’d like to pretend that ‘the art of steering’ is original but I first came across it in my studies as a description of Biblical wisdom.  I’ve always liked it, ever since then.  It’s what wisdom is all about – the art of steering through life’s ups and downs until we reach the end of our allotted days.  The wisdom writers seem to think God has to be at the centre of the art of steering, although Job wasn’t sure for a bit!  I’m banking on them being right.

So, since I’ve already denied any claim to originality, I can also freely admit to the fact that anything on this blog was probably thought or said by someone else first.  Where I can attribute it easily, I will.  If it is going to take me a lot of effort, I probably won’t (a total of seven years in post-18 education one way and another has given me a horror of footnotes!).

So, that’s it…one blog post now written.  Will I write another?!

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