Working with tens in real life

Why is it that when you read or write about something in the hypothetical, God brings it straight into lived experience for you?!

The other day I met a level seven or eight leader (I’m assuming I’m a 5 – which could be an overstatement!).  There’s no way I’m likely to be working with this person but, as I spent time with them, I started to see how much leadership gifting they have.  I also started to see how I was reacting!  I felt uncomfortable…like I had to impress them or something.  And then I started to wonder what it would be like if they were working for me.  That was when I noticed that my thoughts were along the lines of needing to ‘handle’ this person, to minimise their destabilising impact, to circumscribe their ability to affect the status quo.

Hmm, straightaway I am guilty of feeling the need to control those who work for me, to ‘handle’ them so that their efforts are positive and not destabilising.  And that is why I too would hire a 3 or a 4.  It’s less stressful, I have less ‘handling’ to do and my life is more peaceful.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?

And yet I think that maybe in the future God will send me those leaders who far outclass me to see what I will do.  I think I’ve just seen what I will do…and I don’t like it.  Playing safe, avoiding being destabilised or threatened by leaders more gifted than me, controlling those who do lead for me…it’s not an attractive list, is it?  So maybe meeting that leader the other day was a gift of grace.  It’s showed me what I would do and made me conscious of the need to do the opposite – to take the risk, to hire the 10 and to humble myself to learn through the process.  Whether I will is yet to be seen!


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