Leadership axioms from a leader who’s still learning to lead

I spent some time the other day considering my own leadership proverbs.  The resulting list is not very long yet nor is it perhaps that well developed but each one has been won through personal experience.  I may add to this list but even in the short time during which I have led, these axioms have come to mind time and again.  I also may eventually rewrite them to be a bit catchier!

So here they are.  I only have ten at the moment but that seems reasonable on three and a half years’ experience leading a church.  Here’s to me discovering the next ten!

1.  Pray more, do less
2.  Leaders develop leaders (no one else can!)
3.  Have a ‘stop doing’ list (it may be more valuable than a ‘to do’ list)
4.  Leadership has to be team and ministry is every-member
5.  Invest in your spiritual depth
6.  Leaders are readers
7.  At every stage, ask God for the ‘one thing’ he wants you to do and then do that.  And only that!
8.  Every new leader must be a 4 Cs leader (call, character, competence and chemistry) 
9.  Just get the right people on the bus, tasking them only to be who they are.  Then that bus will GO without you doing anything more!
10.  Those who sow will reap…but not always in the same field


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