Re-entering the biblical narrative

Roxburgh and Romanuk talk in their missional leadership book about the need to invite congregations

‘into a journey of reentering and rehearing the biblical narrative and its implications for being God’s missionary people in their own situation.’

These guys have got me thinking again.  What would this look like on the ground in London?

So I’m starting another of my ‘on the edge’ experiments.  I have no idea how effective it might be but I’m going to try to re-enter and rehear the biblical narrative and then explore its possible implications for my life story right now.  I’m also going to drag as many people as possible into this with me.  Some of them are going to get what we’re trying to do.  Others won’t.  But that’s ok because God’s word does its work whether we know what’s happening or not!

I’ll keep you posted as I work out how I’m going to do this…

Image: Arvind Balaraman /

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