If you like what I’m writing…

…why not sign up for a weekly e-mail alerting you to what I have recently posted?  (I’m new to blogging so have only recently discovered this function but I think it’s great!)

The benefit to you is that you don’t need to check my blog page needlessly if I haven’t written anything.  The benefit to me is that I get a feel for who is reading this regularly, which encourages me!

If you want to do it, have a look on the righthand sidebar for the e-mail sign up box.  Once you’ve put in your e-mail address, you’ll then receive an automated e-mail that you have to reply to in order to confirm your subscription.  When you’ve done that, we’re sorted!

You can also comment on what I’m writing directly on the blog.  Why not let’s have a conversation about what I’m writing?  All good theology is essentially conversation (even if that conversation is usually better with coffee!).

Thanks for reading by the way.  You encourage me!


2 thoughts on “If you like what I’m writing…

    • Yep, for those who know what they’re doing with an RSS feed (not me, lol!) then go for that! Thanks, Martin (you now qualify as a blog techie 🙂 ).

      Though drop me a line if you are doing that too, as it still helps me to know who’s reading what I’m writing!

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