Getting munched (Luke 10 still!)

This Luke 10 experiment is kind of interesting.  If you’ve only recently started to follow my blog, look for the post entitled ‘Re-entering the Biblical narrative – for real’ and that’ll give you some background to the experiment.

I’m still going with the experiment.  I’m finding that the beauty of reading and rereading a text day after day is that the stuff you notice in it but which you usually ignore or forget about is the stuff which keeps coming back to you.  And for me right now, it’s that awkward bit where Jesus says he’s sending the disciples out like lambs in the midst of wolves.

Image: Nicholas Tarling /            

So easy to notice it and then get distracted by what comes later in the passage.  Yet when you read it again the next day (and the next!) you realise that it’s worth thinking about.  And I can come to only one conclusion about what happens to lambs amongst wolves!

So why do I think that being sent will be any different?  Why am I surprised by the level of spiritual attack aimed at my relationships, my physical health and my emotions?  Jesus effectively told the disciples that they’d get munched (yes, not quite the ESV’s rendering!) and sent them anyway.

Are you and I moaning about being munched right now or are we accepting that experience as a corollary of being sent?  For me, that’s a good question.

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