Seeing and speaking

Image: federico stevanin /

It is one thing to inspire people to visions of what the Promised Land is like; it is quite another to understand the stages of the journey between here and there so that we can guide folks through them and actually arrive at our destination.

So writes Ruth Haley Barton in ‘Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership’.  It seems that she is making a distinction between the vision-casting ability and the gift of thinking strategically.  Both are, in their way, gifts of seeing and speaking.  One sees and speaks the distant future; the other sees and speaks the now.  What an opportunity (for which, read ‘a big ask’!) to hold both in tension!

I think I may spend my whole life figuring out how to do both at the same time.  (And who said women could multi-task, eh?!)

Men, don’t even THINK about commenting on this post!  🙂


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