I’ve been practising the 80:20 axiom over the last ten days or so.  In particular, I have looked around at those whom I oversee at church (staff and volunteers) to see what the 20% might be in their ministry endeavours for the church.  And then because they usually don’t have capacity to finish off that 20%, I have offered to take it on for them, for the sake of getting the project over the line and bearing fruit to the degree that it could.

It’s strange.  I know it makes a difference to these projects that someone is doing the last 20%.  And it might as well be me.  Yet I also feel as if I cannot identify what unique project I am focusing on at the moment.  I am dealing with everyone else’s leftovers.  And that makes me feel like I am not pulling my weight. 

Still, I reflect that maybe this is one way in which servant leadership can manifest itself.  My own projects are going undone but the work of others is able to bear more fruit because I am serving them.  Maybe, in the end, that is my role as a leader really.  I might be able to initiate a lot of my own ideas but perhaps the true measure of my leadership is whether I can help others actualise their ideas.

Maybe doing everyone else’s 20% is more valuable than I can understand…?

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