Charges against Daniel

I’m reading Daniel at the moment.  Really I ought to be reading it with a good commentary nearby – it’s one of those books which seems somewhat pointless to read unless you have some help on hand to know what on earth chapter 7 onwards might mean!  But my life is kind of full of books right now.  (It doesn’t help that I started that new one I bought last week for church, I don’t suppose, but unread books are a weakness for me!)

Anyway, back to Daniel.  I’ve been particularly struck by Daniel 6:5

Then these men said, “We shall not find any ground for complaint against this Daniel unless we find it in connection with the law of his God.”

‘These men’, by the way, were the ones who were jealous of Daniel and wanted to destroy him.

Now don’t you think that would be an amazing statement to have been made about you?  Basically, ‘we won’t be able to get her unless we can make it illegal for her to obey God’.

It would be amazing on two counts: first, that our behaviour would be so exemplary all the time(!) and, secondly, that people could be sure that if they made it illegal for us to obey God, we would obey him nevertheless.

Is anyone saying that about you today?  And what would it take from you to make that their default reaction about you?


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