A God like Jesus

It is true that Jesus is like God, but the greater truth, one closer to the revelation of God that Jesus ushers in, is that God is like Jesus!

I know that if you have any understanding of the Christian faith, then this is kind of an obvious statement from Alan and Debra Hirsch (in Untamed).

It would be easy to pass over it.  But although I would have said my theology of Jesus as the image of the invisible God, the exact representation of his being (and all the rest of it!) is relatively well-developed, this statement still has the capacity to stop me in my tracks.

A Jesus who is like God…well, yes that I can handle.

But a God who is defined by what Tom Wright calls ‘a young Jew, possessed of a desperately risky, indeed apparently crazy, vocation, riding into Jerusalem in tears, denouncing the Temple, and dying on a Roman cross’ is an altogether different proposition.

Why not try holding that thought?  I have, for the last few weeks now.  And whilst it shouldn’t be a surprise to me – indeed it is not, theologically! – still it evokes a sense of wonder in me.

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