Miracle grow

Hand Holding Plant

Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’ve been following some leadership blogs from Mac Lake lately.  One in particular relating to developing leaders has resonated with me (click here to see it).

He says that to give a developing leader the gift of your confidence in them is the best gift you can give and works like miracle grow.

I am convinced that he is right.  It’s funny but my experience over the last few years of developing emerging leaders has been that in many cases you can talk them into being more than, by rights, they should have the capacity to be.

There is something about speaking into an emerging leader or mentee a vision about who they could be.  All that matters is that I believe it to be possible.  They don’t have to.  As long as they are willing to let my belief in them stir them to desire that future, the results start to come.  I don’t know why and I don’t know how – but I have seen it!

And I know that having a mentor recognise God’s call on me to church leadership in my early twenties did the same thing.  He didn’t say much and he only said it once.  But eight years on, I remember whole chunks of that conversation nearly word-for-word!

Sometimes your belief in an emerging leader could be the bit of miracle grow that they need.  Who could you start to believe in and dream over out loud this week?

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