Good is not boring

We are not living in a world where all roads are radii of a circle and where all, if followed long enough, will therefore gradually draw nearer and finally meet at the centre: rather in a world where every road, after a few miles, forks into two, and each of those into two again, and at each fork you must make a decision.  Even on the biological level life is not like a river but like a tree.  It does not move towards unity but away from it and the creatures grow further apart as they increase in perfection.  Good, as it ripens, becomes continually more different not only from evil but from other good.

(C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce)

There is something exciting in the idea that ‘good, as  it ripens, becomes continually different not only from evil but from other good’.  Contrary to general consensus, good is not boring.  Good is not a fixed form; there are myriad ways to be good.  And how else could it be with a Creator who delights in variety, who creates each one for specific good works which he has prepared in advance for them to do?

So what might God intend ‘ripening good’ to look like in your life?


2 thoughts on “Good is not boring

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  2. Great question you pose here . . . each unique child of God has their own identity that is precious to our Lord. So different in many Eastern religions where the goal is almost the opposite, to deny the individual and merge back into the “whole.”

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