Reading for the sheer pleasure of it!

I’ve not recently blogged an update on the number of books strewn across my house (in their various states ranging from nearly-read through to unread-but-promising-future-pleasure).

Now, that is perhaps because I’ve been a bit too busy to read anything other than what will get me through the preparation for a missional mentoring initiative within church and the final touches on my dissertation!  Yet, I’m reminded that to say I have not been reading for pleasure is untrue.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been repairing a great hole in my literary education by reading Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.  What a great story – and what a shame that, when I was little, I so hated The Hobbit that I never progressed to this series!  (For what it’s worth, I suspect that I was too young when my mum read The Hobbit to me: all I can remember is that the characters had too many long strange names and I lost interest quickly!  In fact, I don’t think I even finished it…)

Reading for pleasure is a joy.  Sometimes those of us who read as an expression of a vocation to study or be ‘a thinker’, who read because ultimately someone somewhere is paying us to know what is out there…we lose the joy in reading for reading’s sake.

I am totally unashamed to say that I LOVE to read.  I love the theological books I read and I love the books about church praxis.  I love reading the Bible and I love reading other people’s blogs.  Even newspapers are good too.  But I also love reading fiction and not even always the highbrow stuff…some days I’ll settle for what is probably trashy but has an engaging story.

That might not be what you expected to hear! 😉

But I just love reading and some days I want to read the stuff which invites me into a parallel world where nobody requires anything of me than to be a passive observer.  To be able to read without anyone expecting me to pass critical comment is lovely.  To be able to read so deeply that I don’t hear someone ten feet away who calls my name – that is such a gift.

Are you enjoying your reading at the moment?  What could you read this week or this month for the sheer pleasure of it?

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