Books wherever I look!

For that person who asked for photos of the books strewn around my house(!), here are the books within an 8-10 step walk across one floor of my house…  You can tell I have not had guests recently or the lounge would be clear!


With the exception of one, the books in the orderly row are not mine: they all belong to the library and I really need to find some spare time to read them!


I now feel suitably embarrassed about the mess I am living in and will be clearing the lounge floor soon.  I also feel the need to clarify that yes, I do have bookshelves…!  (But if a book is on the bookshelf then it is not being read, is it?!)  These are all in various states of being read – and, supposedly, inwardly digested!

My final comment is that I know blogs are meant to have pictures and that mine tends to be word-heavy because I have next to no artistic talent and (truth time now!) really can’t be bothered to find copyright-free pictures on the internet.  So, I hope that these five photos will excuse me from having to find pictures to accompany my words for some time now!

To anyone who likes pictures, sorry – but if you send me some which are copyright-free maybe I’ll include those…  😉


One thought on “Books wherever I look!

  1. Love it Chloe. My lounge, bedroom, and office look scarily similar!!!

    Recognizable book: ‘Teach yourself New Testament Greek’!!

    Re: artistic ability…Granny says (so it must be true) that art is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration…plus you can’t say you have next to no ability in this area esp if your blog title is ‘The Art of Steering’!!! :):):):)

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