I am the one Jesus loves

I have loved the simplicity of these words from Brennan Manning in Abba’s Child this week:

I believe that the night in the Upper Room was the defining moment of John’s life.  Some sixty years after Christ’s resurrection, the apostle – like an old gold miner panning the stream of his memories – recalled all that had transpired…with Jesus.  He made pointed reference to that holy night when it all came together, and he affirmed his core identity with these words: “Peter turned and saw the disciple Jesus loved following them…” (John 21:20).

If John were to be asked, “What is your primary identity, your most coherent sense of yourself?” he would not reply, “I am a disciple, an apostle, an evangelist,” but “I am the one Jesus loves”.

Who do you say that you are?  I think I may have made my answer to that question too complicated most of the time.

2 thoughts on “I am the one Jesus loves

  1. Wow stunning. Convicting. Challenging. Of course my answers fall under the ‘what I would hope I could answer with full conviction’ and ‘what I would probably answer that may be closer to the truth’: respectively, ‘beloved beautiful daughter of the Most High King’ and ‘sinner saved by grace…each second of the day’……

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