Dissertation done

Hmm, I actually forgot to blog the completion of one of my longest-lived projects last month.

I finished my Masters dissertation and it is now somewhere in the marking system at college.  Unfortunately, I now have to wait over two months for a mark …they don’t give indicative marks these days; I have to wait for confirmation by the Exam Board before I get a result.  😦

Anyway, process aside, what has really led to a wry smile on my part is my failure to celebrate the hand-in.  That’s fairly typical for me.

And I think I may not be the only one.  How many of us take the time to stop and celebrate achievements?  How much more joy might we get if we stopped to enjoy the moment sometimes?  To recognise that life is good when we live it more slowly and when we enjoy the fruit of our labours?

Just a thought.  (I can’t tell you the answer because I’m quite bad at it!)


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