Greek geek

My husband has described me as one of these for the last few years, ever since I started to study NT Greek.  😉  Now it seems that he might have a point as I’m about to start actually teaching it for a month or so.  I’m really looking forward to it but…

…I’ve just looked at the calendar for the next four weeks.  What with the back-and-forth to the college – together with a very unhappy little car which might mean travelling inconvenience 😦 – as well as a lecture series that I am auditing, a (gentle!) stream of essays to mark and the usual church commitments, I think my diary is even more over-scheduled than usual!

So, as a result, my blogging may quietly founder for a month or so.  But perhaps that is just as well if I am going to be a bit busy – better that than writing rubbish!

And actually if I do end up with more time than I expect, then I probably need to be giving that to thinking about what else I might start to do alongside church now that the Masters is effectively over…

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