Teetering at the edge of chaos

Here’s comfort for those of us who lead without entirely having a clue what we are doing…

Peering ahead in the twenty-first century, there is little doubt we are teetering at the edge of chaos.  As we will see, this is a good thing because at the edge of chaos is the sweet spot where innovation takes place if handled correctly.

Thanks to Alan Hirsch in ‘The Forgotten Ways’ for this.  It makes me feel better about my complete inability to control anything of any significance in this church-building adventure I’m on.

That said, with the lawyer’s eye for detail (so painfully trained into me that I still bear the emotional scars 🙂 ), I note the sting in the tail of the final three words…  Wow, how will I learn to handle the sweet spot at the edge of chaos correctly?!

A friend posted a quotation on facebook this week.  I think it contains the answer to my question.

Fail often to succeed sooner.

It’s a shame that it’s not a more attractive option, isn’t it?!

But even though failure feels like anathema and I avoid it like the plague, I wonder whether the risk of failure is always the cost of true innovation.  Nothing risked, nothing gained.

What are you risking at the moment?  What chaos are you embracing?  Where are things not as clear-cut as you desperately want them to be?

I suspect those are the places of greatest growth and innovation in your life.  Even as one of the most risk-averse people you may ever have met, I can tell you – for what it’s worth – that the places of risk, the places where I am teetering on the edge of utter chaos, these places which I hate so much, are nevertheless the places of greatest growth and innovation in my life.

So let’s go find the chaos.  Because until we find that, we certainly won’t find the sweet spot either!


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