The Beloved

That last blog post was quite satisfying because it marked the end of my reading of Hirsch’s ‘The Forgotten Ways’.  I started it many many months ago and have been distracted by other books since.  So it’s satisfying to finish it finally on two counts: first, that it was a good read and the addendum on organic systems theory was worth the price of the whole book in my opinion; secondly, it is one fewer books kicking around my lounge floor and coffee table.  Which is worth a lot in itself!

Anyway, the books update aside, here’s a quotation from some Nouwen (‘Life of the Beloved’) that I’m enjoying at the moment:

When our deepest truth is that we are the Beloved and when our greatest joy and peace comes from fully claiming that truth, it follows that this has to become visible and tangible in the ways we eat and drink, talk and love, play and work.

Image: akeeris /

Do you know that, if you are in Christ, you are the Lord’s Beloved, chosen of the Father, paid for by the sacrificial death of the Son and now brought by the Holy Spirit to experience that as your reality?  And, if you know it, what practical difference is it making to your eating and drinking, your talking and loving, your playing and working?


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