Radiating joy

Today, as they prayed for me, someone said to me that I radiate God’s joy.

It’s a really nice thing to have said about me.  Especially by someone who was meeting me for the first time.

But that wasn’t the whole story, you know.  Because straightaway God reminded me of my history of depression and the more recent and thankfully very brief episodes this year.

And he showed me that the depression is not the essence of what’s true about me.  It’s not my predisposition to see the world through a lens of brokenness; those days or weeks of ‘Fall-perspective’ thinking and feeling are just blips on the larger canvas of my life.

Instead, God told me that what is true about me is joy.  A joy that is rooted in Christ.  A joy that radiates outward to impact even people I have only just met.

That is surely a much better story for my life.

So what names have you lived under?  Have you appropriated for your life stories that are just not true of you?  What might it take before you can agree with the truth of what God says about your life?

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