A year of blogging!

When I wrote my first blog post, I wasn’t sure how long this would last or how prolific my writing might be.

A year on and I am still here, still writing, with something more than 3150 site views over the year.  Since I don’t think it shows up as a site view if you read the blog through google reader or e-mail (as I know some of you do), that rather begs the question as to who on earth has been reading my ramblings?!

It’s been a strange experience over the year as people have referred to things in my life which I can’t remember having told them and I’ve wondered how they know this stuff!  And then I remember that I blogged about it.

I’ve learnt to be careful of what I say on here.  In the first couple of months of writing, I was gloriously unconcerned as to how much I shared because, having not yet publicised the blog, I was confident that nearly nobody was reading it.  Now, however, even a small thing like posting about the end of my Masters required a mental check that I had told everyone who might expect to hear that news in person.

Even now there are other things which I have been thinking too, and which I long to share, but which I am not yet ready to commit to a public forum.  These thoughts need more work before they can face the light of day on a blog that apparently somebody somewhere does actually read!  And so I do not share yet.

So, as I look back over my first year of blogging, I feel mixed emotions.  I have loved writing.  I have loved reading.  And I have loved thinking.  Interacting with comments and knowing that someone was enjoying reading has been encouraging.  And yet…  Knowing that this blog has become less carefree in its sharing of thoughts makes me sad in some ways.  The innocence of my first posts last summer is gone.

But such is the pattern of life.  I don’t suppose in any event that I could perhaps have hoped to maintain such innocence and unguardedness in writing destined for a public forum.  Or do you think it could still be done?

Anyway, at the very least, this blog and me as a blogger are one year older and, hopefully, one year wiser.  Here’s to being one year old!

Image: Rawich / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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