God does not exclusively fill the human heart

Here’s another Allender and Longman gem (Intimate Allies, for those who have not been following me lately 🙂 ):

God does not exclusively fill the human heart.  He made humankind to need more than himself.  The staggering humility of God to make something that was not to be fully satisfied with the Creator and the creation is incomprehensible.

Doesn’t that blow your mind?  What a thought – from Genesis 2:18, 21-22 – that tells us how we were created for community not only with the triune God but also in relationship with other human beings!

Have you been investing in those human expressions of community around you?  How could you root yourself in these more intentionally?

4 thoughts on “God does not exclusively fill the human heart

  1. oooooo interesting food for thought! seems to fit well with what I’ve just been reviewing on humans as ‘the Image of God’…Karl Barth interprets Gen.1:26-27 to mean that ‘God’s image in man is the reciprocal relationship of human being with human being’ (Barth, CD III/I page 195, as cited by Clines in “Image of God in Man”, Tyndale Bulletin (19)1958 p. 60 gosh just realized it’s a bit old for OT scholarship!) because he is convinced that ‘male and female he created them (Gen.1:27) is the ‘definitive explanation given by the text itself’ of Gen.1:26. So, he’s saying it’s not the individual man that’s the image of God, since the ‘image’ comes to expression in the ‘male and female’ part…but it is what Barth calls the ‘juxtaposition and conjunction of man and man which is that of male and female.’ But don’t worry, according to Clines, Barth also describes the individual man as bearer of the image of God makes him ‘partner of God himself, capable of dealings with Him and of close relationship with Him’…! So in sum, it’s probably BOTH AND! 🙂 That is, we’re made for both. Awesome.

    • Ha ha, I remember this article too…thanks to Alison for pointing us there! So what brings you to be reading that again? And how is the chapter-a-day Hebrew task going? 😉 (I won’t tell on you if you tell me the truth!)

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