Like a little child

I’m due to write a review for the Sophia Network shortly on Maggi Dawn’s The Accidental Pilgrim.  Here’s a little taste of her writing. 

Jesus once said that in order to grasp what the Kingdom of God is all about, you need to be like a little child.  I have never been so much persuaded that he was talking about innocence: the real gift of seeing things through the eyes of a child is the ability to live in the present.

I love this thought!  As I reflect on my early childhood, I don’t remember much living in the past or even really much living in the future.  Life was what it was at any given moment.  And perhaps that is the source of the unselfconscious joy so typical of children.  Yet I think that Dawn may miss something here.  Surely the ability to live in the present is made easier by the innocence of a life not yet familiar with sadness, pain and evil?

But still, Dawn has made me ponder how much of my life today consists in replaying the past or fearing future possibilities…and I wonder whether there might be a simpler pleasure to be found in living more in the moment?


One thought on “Like a little child

  1. It is interesting and also daunting from an adult perpective(at least for mr). A child seems so unaware of almost everything except their moments and gifts of life and contingencies as if they belong to another world where there is no threat, hostility, child abuse and ultimately evil while parents are so occupied with sense of responsibility with a dash of fear when they look at their children which seems unreconcilable with the paradox of their children’s world. Wow! what a world of contradictions and paradoxes is the realm of the kingdom of God…

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