A bit of news

I’ve been nominated as a finalist for the Christian New Media Awards 2011 in the category entitled ‘most inspiring leadership blog’!  I did put my name forward about three months ago but I had completely forgotten about it until the other day when I got notified.  Anyway, what it has meant in practice is that I now have a nice little picture to display proudly(!) and a lot of encouragement! 

On a different front, I am sad to say that I have now finished reading The Pastor by Eugene Peterson.  Do you ever have that, when you actually feel sad that a book is finished?  But I have resolved to reread it very soon and there is loads of blogging potential so I shall get to savour it all over again in the coming weeks.  It will be a nice counterpoint to all the academic stuff I am going to have to do battle with…

…which is, of course,  in itself a bit more news.  I sometimes forget whether something in my life has only made it as far as private conversations or whether it has made it to the more public forum of this blog!

Anyway, that other bit of news is that I am about to throw myself into research in the area of ecclesiology.  People at church keep saying to me, ‘more study?’ with a very disbelieving look on their faces.  I know what they mean, even though they are too polite to say it!  But this seems to be where God is leading me, and I’ve decided that it’s time to stop running away.  Even if that is going to mean a lot of years of challenges.  Part-time, this road could take me 5-7 years.  That’s enough time for me to inflict a lot of blog posts about it on you!  But I’ll try not to…

Coming back to the present and my ‘light’ reading list, however, I have also been treating myself to a book by another author whose writing I love.  In fact, I reminded myself about him when I referred to one of his books in another post lately.  So I decided to buy and read Champagne for the Soul by Mike Mason.

The title alone is good, right?  But the writing, which is an extended meditation on joy, is even better.  Not, in my opinion, as beautiful as the writing in his The Mystery of Marriage but still the kind of stuff that promotes deep reflection in me.  Perhaps it’s because I resonate with his experiences of depression.  Perhaps it’s because I respond to the hope of a joy which is unbounded.

But whatever it is, I’m enjoying hugely the reading of it and I can’t wait to blog something.  But not today, because this blog post is quite long enough already!

Also, as ever, I’m always on the lookout for something good to read…life, leadership, spirituality, discipleship, church (both how to and how not to!)…so do comment with any recommendations you think I’ll like because I’m going to need plenty of ‘light relief’ this year for the times when my brain has been fried by the ‘heavier’ stuff!

2 thoughts on “A bit of news

  1. Anything by Philip Yancey…but you probably know that.can you suggest a good theology course? I note that you teach on an open learning course? Enjoy your blog..long story of how I came across it!!

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