Finding rest

We must come to realise this: created things are nothing, and we must turn aside from them to love and have our God who is not made.  This is the only reason why we are not fully at ease in heart and soul: that we look to find our true rest in these things that are so little that they contain no rest.  And we know not our God, who is almighty, all wise, all good…God will be known; he is pleased when we find our rest in him.  All that falls short of him will never satisfy us.  This is why no soul can be at peace until it is rid of all created things.  Only when the soul turns away and denies itself so as to find him who is All will it be able to receive true peace and rest.

Oh, why have I waited so long to read Julian of Norwich’s Revelation of Love?

(And why, you might ask, am I starting to read her now when there are tens of other books which I really ought to be finishing?  But, really, when did that ever stop me?!)


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