A new title for the CV

You may have wondered why the post on Friday about that book which I really didn’t like!  Well, I have just found a way to get free books.  In fact, I spent about an hour last weekend scouring the internet for publishers who would happily send books to me in return for a review.  After all, I like writing and I like reading so it’s not exactly a difficult choice for me.

According to many of these publishers’ websites, I am, it would seem, a professional reader.  Yes, you heard that right!  Such a role apparently exists and I am one.  Professional reader, eh?  One to add to the CV.  Or maybe not.  (Especially given that the only pay is free books.)

But as a blogger who is willing to review books, professional reader is my designation.  And it works for me because I love to read and, because I read fast, I can usually force myself to the end of a book even when it is terrible!  However, part of the deal is that I have to post reviews on this blog as well as a consumer site.  Some of those reviews will hopefully be mainly positive; others may be, like the last, an attempt for me to find one thing I liked about the book.  This is because, although with some of the programmes I have free choice of book, with others the choice is seriously limited until I have stored up ‘credit’ in terms of reviews written and positive feedback.

So, this is a warning to those of you who follow me regularly.  I know it can be annoying if a blogger starts to deviate from their usual blog post categories and subjects: you follow them because you like what their blog stands for.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be there.  And if that blog changes in style or focus, it feels like something you never signed up for.

Thus, in an attempt to alleviate this concern, I will headline every post which is reviewing a book with the word ‘Review’.  If you aren’t interested in reading the review, that’s fine by me.  But do please stick around for the other writing because these review posts are extra and I will keep writing the usual reflective meditations on life and leadership as I see them!

Thank you to all of you who follow me via e-mail or some kind of online reader, as well as those who click through regularly from facebook or twitter.  I appreciate that you take the time to read what I am wrestling with and your feedback has been a great encouragement to me on this journey so far!  I hope that the addition of reviews on a wide range of books will not detract from your enjoyment of my writing and that it may even point you to reading something that you might not otherwise have considered.

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