In returning and rest

I’ve just recently started writing for an online magazine called Provoketive, which is based in the U.S.  It’s exciting to be published by someone else other than me(!) and what I’m writing for that site will go to a far wider – and different – audience than I have here.  But, because what I plan to write for Provoketive is largely similar to my themes and concerns on this blog, I will normally link through to my Provoketive articles from this site in case you want to follow that stream of writing too.

Here is the beginning of my first post for them, with a link for you to continue reading if you want to!

In Returning and Rest…

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January is always a time of reflection for me as we cross the threshold into a new year.  Last year I was all set to project some goals for 2011, goals which were, in essence, no more than an extrapolation of the things I had done in 2010.  Yet last January, God spoke to me clearly about this.  He showed me that to base my future direction on my direction so far was unwise.  Worse than that, actually.  It was stupid.  Because when you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got.

To orient myself for 2011 based on my successes in 2010, based on the gifts which had already come to the surface in my life?  Such a process of orientation was deeply flawed.  It could only take me where I had been.

And I should have known better.  [continue reading…]


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