Review: The Secret Life of a Fool

This galley copy of the e-book was provided to me by in return for a fair review.

The Secret Life of a Fool is the story of Andrew Palau’s life.  It tells of the tender-loving care of his parents whilst he was growing up, even as he began to turn his back on faith and a Christian lifestyle.  Then it moves on to give the account of Palau’s troubled years in adulthood, before ultimately describing the culmination of the story of God’s pursuit of his heart.

In so far as it is interesting to hear the testimony of any believer, this book was interesting.  Yet somehow I never quite got the point of why it needed to be written: I couldn’t help feeling that it was being published because of the author’s relationship to Luis Palau, his father, and because of his own evangelistic platform ministry after he committed his life to Jesus.  The text was a little disjointed and I didn’t feel that I was reading the work of someone with a real gift for artistry in his writing.

As a result, I didn’t love this book (although I didn’t hate it either).  But if you are looking for a light read, something which would encourage your faith as you hear about God at work in someone else’s life, then this might be a book for you.


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