Storied grace

Jesus writes beautiful lives into being.

Storied grace.

Rainbow strands woven amongst the drab greys and browns of brokenness and sin.  Beauty out of ashes.  Hope out of despair.

I love the church.

This church.

LifeGiving Church.

In all her messiness, she still makes my breath catch.  Tears still spring to my eyes at the thought of this family of believers.

And though I sometimes feel like we are the poor cousin to other more successful churches, he always shows me again the stories that he is telling in the lives of this people and then all that ceases.  Because when I see this people, I see the story of redemption writ large.  In London as it is in heaven.

So be it.


2 thoughts on “Storied grace

  1. bless you and your church, may it keep bringing you the joy, grace and the sense of being part of the ongoing drama of hope

    • Thank you. And funny you should comment just then for I was actually over at your place reading your latest post! As ever when you write from the heart, your writing is beautiful but also so is your faith and the longing for a life more deeply-rooted in him. Don’t ever give up on that; the answer is, as you explore, not in our programmes nor in our ‘fast track of leadership’ nor in the prayers which others pray over us. Our satisfaction is found only in him as we sit at his feet. And so I pray that God may draw you by his Spirit ever-deeper into the consciousness of your union with his Son, because only there do we find the centre of it all.

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