Review: Frequency: Walk with God the way you’re wired

Frequency by Eric Parks and Casey Bankord is a new book coming out in February which is bound to be popular in some Christian circles.

It has a foreword by John Ortberg.  That’s because this book is part of the Monvee offering, a programme for the spiritual growth of individuals and churches which has been championed by various U.S. pastors and writers, including Ortberg.

You may have an immediate response to that piece of information.  Monvee has created a bit of a stir, for all the usual reasons – it seeks to be a comprehensive and programmatic method for making disciples; it claims to celebrate the individuality of believers before classifying them(!) into nine types; and it celebrates the contemplative approaches to spirituality popularised in recent times by Richard Foster and Dallas Willard.  These things, in themselves, are enough to arouse strong opposition in some quarters of the church.

But I think it is still possible to engage with this book as a standalone resource and that is what I have tried to do.  I felt that [continue reading my review over at Provoketive]


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