Review: Rumors of God

I received a galley copy of this e-book for free from

Rumors of God by Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson is written by two guys who love Jesus and perhaps the thing i most want to say about this book is that this passion shines through their writing.  Their self-confessed motivation for writing the book is that ‘the thought of this generation going to the grave without seeing the fame and deeds of God filling the pages of our own stories and the story of the world is untenable’.  I love that!

After an introductory chapter, topics followed in stand-alone chapters about abundant life, generosity, love, grace, commitment, community, justice and hope.  I’ll be honest: I didn’t love the flow of the book.  I suspect that the authors divided up the chapters between them and then wrote separately.  I understand why and, of course, a book of stand-alone chapters lends itself well to a co-writing exercise.  In itself, the content was not bad.  It’s just that, on the whole, it didn’t grab me.

That said, for me the fourth chapter completely redeemed the reading experience for me on this one.  Entitled ‘The Faith You’ve Only Heard About: Rumors of Love’, it talks about the love which drew the writers to Jesus and which led them into ministry, before this love became soured by the pressure and stress of leading churches.  In a powerful section on exchanging passion for duty, illustrated by a reflection on the letter to the Ephesian church in Revelation 2, the authors examine possible methods of retaining one’s passion.  Discarding them all, they conclude that believers need to regain our heavenly perspective, remember ‘the wonder of our identity and position in Christ’, and enjoy life with God.

So, mixed views on this one.  3/5.


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