Never resign till Tuesday

I know.  I shouldn’t have.  Not when I have about forty books on the ‘to be read’ list.  But I did it.  I bought a new book.

I suppose I figured that since most of the books I read at the moment are either courtesy of the college library or come to me for free via the various review programmes I’m signed up to, I could justify buying one!  Not entirely sure of the logic there, but there you go…  A moment of weakness in the college bookshop.  The 20% discount I get there swayed me a little too, I guess.

So I treated myself to a Calvin Miller title, Letters to a Young Pastor.  I think I need all the help I can get in this area, after all!  It’s not a book for reading in one sitting; rather, it is a collection of individual letters on discrete topics.  As such, I think that not only am I going to enjoy reading it but also it is going to make great blogging material.

Here’s just one idea from the text.  By the way, it comes from somewhere in the middle of the book – I am as disciplined as ever about reading from beginning to end in a logical progression.  (That is, not very.)  But, digressions aside, here it is:

Never resign till Tuesday.

OK, so now all the pastors are smiling knowingly.  This needs little explanation for you.  Yet Miller knows that most of us still need to hear that advice.  We need to know that the post-Sunday pain of Monday will pass.  That what seemed to warrant resignation on a Monday seems less terrible from the perspective of Tuesday.

Miller delivers this in a style that is laugh-out-loud funny.  (Or maybe that was just my cynical streak kicking in!)  But his is also the voice of a pastors’ pastor: compassion and realism combine to speak wisdom to his reader.

I think I’m going to like this writing from Miller.  I’d probably prefer it more if I got to sit across the table from him and hear his wisdom over a good cup of coffee.  But since that’s not going to happen, I suppose, then I shall content myself with the book and blogging conversations with you!


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