Review: Wright ‘For Everyone’ commentaries

I received free galley copies of Tom Wright’s Early Christian Letters for Everyone and Revelation for Everyone in return for an unbiased review.


Although I have been aware of this series for some time, I had not ever looked more closely at any of these commentaries and was very pleased to have the opportunity to do so through the NetGalley scheme.  I’m pleased with what I’ve seen.  Whilst they are not high-level commentaries nor would I suggest them for use by preachers, I can see them working really well within my church as a resource for further study of the Bible by small groups or individuals wanting to go deeper.

The content is intelligent and helpful, as well as being well-presented.  I also like that the commentary includes the Biblical text for each section: this makes it clear what is being discussed at any point.  The glossary of terms is another reason why I like this commentary series for those whom I lead – it does not assume that the reader’s knowledge is particularly well-developed.  This is a very accessible commentary series.

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