Posted in February 2012

Review: Is This The One?

I received a galley copy of this e-book courtesy of The ideas contained within Is This The One? by Stephen Arterburn are good on the whole and I think you would not feel that you had wasted your money if you bought the book: the ideas for pre-marriage ‘dates’ and for conversations to have on those … Continue reading

Review: The Jesus Life

I’d not discovered any of Stephen W. Smith’s writing until I read The Jesus Life.  It’s a gentle book, one which invites the reader to find ‘the Way that leads to life’. In essence, Smith’s writing is a journey through various spiritual practices from a perspective that argues for rhythm rather than balance in the … Continue reading

Review: Upside-Down Leadership

Upside-Down Leadership by Taylor Field was a really refreshing read. Because of my developing research and ministry interests, I’ve read a lot of leadership books, especially on leadership in the church and the kingdom, and after a while I can feel jaded because I’m not reading anything new.  And, in some ways, the same is true … Continue reading

A slow journey from cluelessness

I’ve been reflecting a bit lately on the nature of leadership in the church.  I feel hopelessly clueless about this most of the time, actually. Perhaps it’s because I fell abruptly into senior leadership of a church long before I ever expected.  Perhaps it’s because, other than some great mentoring early on as I developed … Continue reading

The sweet-spot

Sin is a gravity that causes us to underestimate our created purpose, our own personal destiny.  We begin a trade-off and produce a life that is successful but not satisfying…sin is acting as a gravity.  We have a sweet-spot passion that is meant for God’s purpose, but we don’t know what to do with it. … Continue reading

Fridays are for joy

Fridays are for joy. They are for learning to live life in the slow lane. For exploring what it feels like to have a blank diary page once a week. For being able to spend time just sitting with God, not feeling like there is something else that I should be doing. For writing and … Continue reading