Multiethnic, multigenerational

But a curious pattern is emerging in churches of multiethnic richness: it tends to come at the expense of multigenerational richness.  The wealth of color has created a poverty of ages.

Mark Buchanan in Your Church is Too Safe.

I’d never made this kind of connection before, although it does seem to be true for us.  We are an equal distribution of mainly black and white people (with some mixed-race, as well as other ethnicities) in our small congregation.  So not exactly multiethnic but at least diverse, I suppose.  Yet we are something like 90% under the age of 37, with most of those being between 18 and 36.  And, exciting as that may be in some ways, I long for the wealth which the over-forties could bring us.  If we could attract them, which – it seems – we can’t.

Can anyone tell me if they have found what Mark Buchanan says to be true in their experience?  And any ideas on how to beat this dynamic?


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