The smaller moments

Let us consider names like [    ] or [   ] or [    ].  The cost for their caprices was lost empires.  I never knew any of this famous trio of lost reputations, but I have known many others who could not keep safe the smaller moments of their lives.  Reputation is not a treatise you write on your own behavior.  Other people write it, and other people keep it.

Calvin Miller in Letters to a Young Pastor.

I’ve excised the names he quotes mostly because it’s not really necessary to name them.  Insert the name of any fallen evangelical that you like.  You get the picture.

That phrase…’many others who could not keep safe the smaller moments of their lives’.  I find it arresting.

We look after the big moments of our lives so much more easily, more conscientiously.

But what of the smaller moments?  What of those moments, apparently insignificant on their own, which nevertheless, viewed together, form the shape of a lifetime of integrity (or otherwise)?

Are we keeping those moments safe?

2 thoughts on “The smaller moments

  1. Funny how so often you write things that i’ve just been thinking about it. I just finished reading the biography of a woman whose husband was a pastor who got caught up in a sin which destroyed his ministry, What struck me from this book and what is missing maybe from this quote is the necessity of staying close, so close, to God. Because we forget that we, in our human strength, cannot keep ourselves safe. No good lies in our flesh. It is only, i believe, through constant deep, fervent, communion with God that we are safe because then God is in all our moments. We don’t have him as a part of only our big moments and big decisions, but also our little, seemingly mundane moments. We leave God out of too much of our lives, i feel, and then we are surprised when we fall.

    The good thing about a fall is that it has the potential to bring us into a more genuine, real, relationship with God, and to enable us have more compassion for those who do fall, as we come to understand how weak we are and how much we need God.

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