Platform for ministry

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You reminded me of Joyce Meyer, 
she said.

I didn’t wince.

I would have, once, though.  I don’t agree with everything Joyce Meyer says.  Some of it is great.  And other parts…well, other parts are maybe not as great.

But I have come to respect this lady’s immense skill at delivering her message when preaching.  Irrespective of some occasional question marks over some of her content, she knows how to connect with a congregation; she understands the importance of truth through personality when preaching.

So I took this statement from an African-origin lady as a massive compliment in respect of my preaching in the Bible college chapel that week.  An over-generous one, for sure.  But definitely a compliment for an introverted white-girl preacher from England whose default setting would be to preach like a quiet English girl.  To be compared with Joyce Meyer is a pretty awesome comparison, in fact.

But it was what came next that threw me.

Do you have a ministry, she said.  You should have a bigger ministry, a travelling one.  Not just the church you lead.

And when I demurred, taking it perhaps as lack of faith, she said, Pray about it.

This time, I did wince.  [Keep reading…]

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