Experiment updates

I had been meaning to blog for a while about my experiment in learning Colossians.  I just never got round to it really.

I suppose it’s because the last few weeks have been fairly intense as I’ve engaged in the Other Experiment.  The one where I try to start believing God’s Word about my drivenness.  The one I sort of wish I’d never started.

You know that kind of experiment, I’m sure.  The one where you wish you’d never invited God to do his stuff because he’s taking you too seriously and it hurts too much.  And where the flesh doesn’t even lie down and get the dying bit over with fast enough either.  Oh, the ironies of being driven even over the death of drivenness.  (Yes, I do get quite a lot of free entertainment from how ridiculous is the stuff which I do and think, in case you’re wondering!)

So, yes, it’s been one of those.  I’ve flirted again with depression in a way that has been a little bit too close for comfort and I thought for a few days that I was about to lose that battle again for a bit.  I’ve also actually told God on one occasion in the last four weeks that I’ve changed my mind about growing in maturity and faith.  That it’s too much.  That I was happy how I was, thanks.

Fortunately, he must have not been listening that day because he’s still doing stuff.  Stuff that I will one day be glad of.  At least, that’s what I tell myself!  Anyway, thank God for the friends who’ve stood with me lately; and if you’re one of those friends and reading this, all I can say is that I’ll try to be less of a disaster going forward and maybe even believe God for a change, just like you tell me I should!

And so, in amongst it all, I’ve been working away at Colossians 1, albeit more slowly than I had naively expected.  This week, though, has been rubbish.  I was meant to be learning a couple of verses and reviewing 1:1-23.  Currently, I’ve learned neither of the verses and forgotten most of about 18 onwards!  Hopefully, blogging this might make me remember to take the memorisation seriously again because I was quite enjoying it.

In other news – yes, this post is going to be just one of those aimlessly rambling ones! – I have actually stuck to my resolution not to book any more extra evenings for church after Easter other than the pastoral surgery idea thing that has been recommended to me by two of my blog readers after my Superman Baxter post.  Since the pastoral surgery means that I will see three people in the space of one evening each week on top of leadership meetings, this can only be a good thing for my sanity, my research and my life, as I experience what it might be like not to be out every night from Monday to Thursday doing people stuff!

And the fact that the pastoral surgery meetings (they need a better name!!) have to take place in a pub because I have no office, we have no building and the coffee shops are closed by then?  Well, I figure it’s a small sacrifice for the kingdom, eh?  Although, it has to be said, praying in a pub is a bit weird and generally to be avoided wherever possible; I suspect that Pentecostal prayers are decidedly out if you don’t want to get barred in very short order!  I can already see that I may need to rethink this where an appointment is going to be mostly about prayer because this very nice pub in genteel suburbia is not really going to cut it at that point.  biggrin

The only other updates are that God is doing great things at church and we might be decidedly closer to baptising several people whom we’ve been waiting for months and even years to baptise.  I wish I could say more but it’s probably not appropriate!

Answers to prayer in the church have been abounding.  Which is pretty amazing when you consider that the little praying group in question is entirely female and therefore we talk at least twice as long as we pray; ladies, if you’re reading this, then talking for two hours and not starting to pray until 10pm is just wrong when it means I don’t get home until just before midnight on a Monday evening!  (Though it was SO worth it for all those answered prayers you guys shared that you had received during the course of today.)

New people have been pouring in the doors over the last couple of months too.  They are the kind of people whom God always seems to send us.  The broken.  The prodigals and those who are returning to church after many years.  Even those whose only prior experience of church is weddings, baptisms and funerals.  How privileged we are to receive them!  And how grateful I am for the welcome that our people offer to the newcomers.  This is why I love this church…

Anyway, although I could go on about the church for pages, as regular readers will know, I’m going to spare you!  It’s time for me to do something of what I was meant to be doing before I got distracted by this blog post so that’s me finished writing for tonight.  There will be a post on Saturday 31st with a round-up of the month’s book reviews.  This is a practice which I hope to stick to, mostly because I was irritating myself with the endless posts of book reviews each month; I hope that this will work better and mean that blog subscribers won’t feel too spammed!


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