Reading highlight of the week

I’ve done quite a lot of reading and writing this week.  Some of you are already thinking that this is hardly worthy of comment given my usual reading rate!  But, what with that and not expecting to have time to blog tomorrow now that I can finally spend some time with Peter (who made it back in one piece from his  trip to Paris with 44 children!), this week’s entry is short and sweet.

When you read a lot, it’s inevitable that you’ll read rubbish.  Sometimes I even seek it out as a way of switching off my brain; trashy fiction really does have a purpose and I tend not to be fussy about genre.  Within reason!  But when you read something during the course of research like the quotation below, well, you wonder whether you need to change your reading material.  (That said, this time I really did need to read this one!)

So, after that build-up, listen to this from Lingenfelter and Mayers in Ministering Cross-Culturally: An incarnational model for personal relationships:

The point that we are making is that Jesus was a 200 percent person…he was and is 100 percent God.  Yet…[h]e was 100 percent human…

Yes.  The Maths is right.  100 + 100 = 200.

Although if you keep reading, you’ll wonder why the writers don’t say Jesus was a 300 percent person…

Let us move our thinking one step further: he was also 100 percent Jew.

I don’t know what to say.  Seriously.  Except what was Baker even thinking about publishing this?

Yet it gets better.  The last chapter is all about the call to you and me to become 150 percent persons.  Presumably because we can’t hope to aspire to the heady heights of being 200 percent people!

Anyway, you might be glad to know that I hope to be back to posting something more sensible next week.  ;-)

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