Emerging Adulthood

I am so excited to start reading Dunn and Sundene’s Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults: Life-Giving Rhythms for Spiritual Transformation!  I first read parts of it on Google books three weeks ago and decided that I absolutely HAD to read the rest when I realised that its main focus is disciplemaking amongst exactly the age group that I serve predominantly at the moment.

When I read those first few pages of chapter one, I felt like someone was talking my language about the challenges of making disciples amongst this generation of twenties and early thirties.  It seemed like someone else was engaging with the same cultural and sociological issues which are making the development of this half-generation a whole new phenomenon, and they were doing so with a passion for forming these same people into disciples of Christ.

So I decided to buy it.  But, a couple of clicks away from actually paying for it, I asked myself why I didn’t just try to get it as a review book for free!  The first UK website I write for couldn’t get it for me as it’s published by IVP-USA but, excitingly, the second reviews website could and it arrived through the door this morning.

Now I am feeling VERY happy.  smile emoticon  I know, I know.  I’m easily pleased!


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