Blog redesign and update

Redesigning the look and feel of The Art of Steering was fun today!  Long overdue, it has been something I wanted to try for ages.  I’m pretty pleased with the result (it’s all still free software!) but it’d be great to hear what you think too…

Well, August is nearly done and I’m about to throw myself back wholeheartedly into my normal daily life again.  I’ll be spending September writing some words for my research as well as five(!) sermons and, no doubt, a few book reviews as I finish clearing the book backlog.  Also in September, I’m going to be leading a four week super-fast super-focused discipleship initiative  – a team of our twenties and thirties will be helping Peter and me to design and plan our church meetings in October based on an in-depth study of some passages in Mark on the topic of discipleship.  I’m pretty excited about it but they might not be so excited when they see the list of webpage links I want them to read on the Markan texts first…

I think it might be a bit quiet on the blogging front for the next week or two because I am going to have the weekend off and then I have a couple of days away planned with my co-leaders at church.  Knowing them both, the three of us are going to have SO much fun – I can’t BELIEVE I got this lucky with the team I lead alongside!  (Though I suppose marrying one of them was a good move eight years ago!)  Anyway, there are a couple of book reviews scheduled for the first week of September and by the second week I should be blogging again – hopefully on Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults.

See you soon…

2 thoughts on “Blog redesign and update

  1. Thanks, Phil. I only discovered it yesterday and was impressed by what it could do in terms of the front page banner and its adaptability in terms of colour scheme etc. Definitely worth a try for yours too!

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