Becoming a leader

There’s so much I could share from the first few chapters of Dunn and Sundene’s Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults and, in time, I will blog in more detail on some of the bigger concepts of adultolescence as well as practices and rhythms for spiritual transformation.  But time is short for writing this post right now so I will limit myself to a simple quotation and a thought this time.

What follows is from the opening paragraph of chapter 2, recounting an experience of Dunn’s when he was wanting to step up to a new role at work.  The new role required a much greater degree of leadership gifting and commitment and his boss didn’t think he was up to leadership at all.  Then his boss said this:

“If you are going to lead,” he shared abruptly, “then you are going to have to start thinking and acting like a leader.”

What does it mean to think and act like a leader?  And does that really make you a leader?

I think there is something in this: it is only as I have (finally!) started to accept that I might be a leader, as I have figured out how one would think and act and then copied, that I have seen others start to follow.  By thinking and acting like an influencer would, my influence has grown and I have become the kind of leader that, five years ago, I never believed could be me.  I still find it hard to accept and own; I still try to hide behind the baggage like Saul; I would still rather not be the one everyone is following…but I’ve learned to set that aside and choose to think and act like the leader that God called me to be.

What about you though?  Is there something that God has called you to but which feels too great for you, like a coat several sizes too big?  What do you think – is it something you could think and act your way into until you have become something that you were not before?

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