Review: Deep and Wide

Andy Stanley’s Deep and Wide has as its self-confessed aim the task of making ‘your church more appealing to the people who are put off by all the shenanigans that give church…a bad name.’  It’s organised into five sections:

  • Stanley’s own story of starting a church (North Point)
  • a Biblical justification for North Point’s approach to church
  • a spiritual formation model (the deep part)
  • planning for irresistible worship environments (the wide part)
  • how to lead a local church through change towards the deep and wide paradigm.

Whilst I didn’t find all that much which was new here (indeed, some of it forms part of a previously-published audio series by Stanley on the church!), I did find the writing engaging and there were some valuable things to think about as a result of my reading.

I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley in return for a fair review.


3 thoughts on “Review: Deep and Wide

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  2. What did you think about the sections on double-barreled preaching, or creating irresistible environments? The chapter on double-barreled preaching is one I think that most pastors/bible teachers would benefit from reading.

  3. I didn’t love the chapter on double-barrelled preaching any more than another chapter, probably for two reasons: first, the church in which I preach operates with Stanley’s statements as automatic assumptions already because of the way we do church in the first place so I didn’t find it to be groundbreaking; secondly, I have read Stanley’s ‘Communicating for a Change’ and it is this material of his which really blew me away when I first read it, rather than the chapter you ask about. But I don’t mean this to sound negative: for those who have not read ‘Communicating for a Change’, I cannot recommend that highly enough for a new perspective on the preaching act – go get a copy!

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