Reviews: September 2012 round-up

Joe Kissack, The Fourth Fisherman

I received a free e-copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in return for a fair review.

The Fourth Fisherman was easily readable in one evening and that’s what I did.  The writing flows well and the story cleverly integrates the author’s life story – and particularly the personal transformation following his adoption of a Christian faith – with that of three fishermen cast adrift off the coast of Mexico who eventually survive nine months on the ocean with little more than a Bible and the survival skills of the three fishermen.

At first, I struggled to see how the two stories would intersect as no links were made until the latter half of the book where it becomes clear that it is through the author’s own trips to visit the fishermen, seeking the right to tell their story, that we have all of the detail about what happened in that small fishing skiff.  Because of this, I was somewhat sceptical as I read the book’s first half; however, the second half does bring something of a sense of resolution.

This was a pleasant read, although honesty suggests I should admit that I am also not raving about how good it was.

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