You need to deal with this…

I’m guest posting over at Rachael’s place today.  ThinkTwice is a blog devoted to mental health issues and this week is showcasing a series of guest bloggers to mark World Mental Health Day.  So, if you like what you read below, do click through to Rachael’s site to keep reading…

You need to deal with this.  It’s not fair on your husband, your family or the church, he said.

For a moment, time stood still as I stared.  Had he completely misunderstood what I’d finally managed to say?  Wasn’t this older Christian supposed to be able to make sense of this, to encourage me, to speak wisdom into this brokenness?

Then, as I breathed out, time speeded up again.  The ache of the emptiness was stronger now.  I’d opened my heart in vulnerability and the message sent back to me was that this was my fault.  Christians, it now seemed, should not be depressed; it is not fair…  [Read more ]

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2 thoughts on “You need to deal with this…

  1. Great post Chloe. It would be lovely to hear what for you was affective as you moved through the depression. Lizzie

    • Thanks, Lizzie. I wish I had the kind of answers that people would want to hear. But actually the only answer I have is that I waited. In faith – if you could call it that. But, in truth, it was more of a weary refusal to quit on God than any great sense that he would come through for me. Beyond that, I guess you just do the self-care stuff as best as you know how, but I don’t think that fixes anything usually: it just helps you to survive!

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