Running with the horses

Somehow November was a long month of recovering from too much output earlier in the autumn.  Rather than writing new things and preaching lots of sermons, I’ve spent most of my time editing words, preparing Greek classes (for which read: re-educating myself about the intricacies of the grammar!) and also finishing books which had been kicking around so long that their very presence on my lounge floor was becoming seriously annoying.  Oh yes, and I shouldn’t forget last week’s highlight, a women’s writing gathering with Hannah, Olwyn, Rachael and Miriam, where we read and discussed 5000 words from Hannah, chatted lots, drank coffee and ate plenty of chocolate cake made by me.  The latter elements may perhaps explain why Olwyn’s sister said it sounded like the theological equivalent of the WI!!

But, in amongst all this, I have had a moment or two to pick up a book given to me for my birthday a couple of months back.  It’s Eugene Peterson’s Run With The Horses: The Quest for Life at Its Best.  I have to confess that I have not even finished the first chapter, because this is reading for nothing but pleasure and there hasn’t been so much of that lately!  But listen to what I did read:

anyone and everyone is able to live a zestful life that spills out of the stereotyped containers that a sin-inhibited society provides.  Such lives fuse spontaneity and purpose and green the dessicated landscape with meaning.  And we see how it is possible: by plunging into a life of faith, participating in what God initiates in each life, exploring what God is doing in each event.  The persons we meet on the pages of Scripture are remarkable for the intensity with which they love Godward, the thoroughness in which all the details of their lives are included in God’s word to them, in God’s action in them.  It is these persons who are conscious of participating in what God is saying and doing that are most human, most alive.  These persons are evidence that none of us is required to live “at this poor dying rate” for another day, another hour.

Doesn’t that just make you want to live?!  To live bigger, with fewer limits and more joy?  Doesn’t that just captivate you with its image of what it means to be human, to be made in the image of God and invited to participate in the life of his Son by a moment-to-moment leading and empowering by the Spirit?

What would living BIG look like for you today?

Horses running

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