This is what we live for

I’m going to go on the record here.  I like reading John Piper.  Not all the time nor do I agree with him all the time.  But I am not one of those who vilifies his very name, as I have heard others do – particularly women who don’t like his complementarian stance.

I happen to think that sometimes he says the most breathtaking things.  Things which are good and true and right.  Things which deserve prayerful reflection.  This quotation from Risk is Right: Better To Lose Your Life Than To Waste It is one of those:

This is what we live for, and die for: to make much of Jesus Christ and his glorious, universe-encompassing kingdom.

Stop a moment.  Breathe this in, the majesty of this truth.  This is what we live for: to make much of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been messing around with my CV this week.  Adding content but, mostly, just trying to make it look less like the product of a totally conformist, slightly square and deeply linear lawyer who actually likes Times New Roman.  But as I’ve been doing that, I’ve been struck by the sheer content on the page…the ‘right’ university, the ‘Magic Circle’ law firm, the leadership roles and the more recent academic accolades and publications.

And I’ve been struck by something else too.

I’ve seen clear as anything that I don’t want to be known for this stuff.  I don’t care that much about all those CV points I’ve been feverishly gathering since I was about thirteen.  I want instead to be known as that girl who loves Jesus so much that it’s the first thing you see about her.  I want to be that girl who carries his presence abundantly, spreading his fragrance wherever she goes.

It’s not that I’m there yet but that’s my ambition.  I want to make much of Jesus Christ and his glorious, universe-encompassing kingdom.

And I don’t want ever to forget, whether through busyness or the adulation of the world or hard-heartedness or confusion.  I don’t want ever to forget that now in him this is what we live for: making much of Jesus Christ.

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