Inherently unstable forms of church

The Art of Steering

This post is two years old but I’ve just found it and it’s speaking to me again. Church is always an adventure and to walk with him is to risk wild grace!

The Art of Steering

I’m reading ‘The missional leader’ by Roxburgh and Romanuk, albeit painfully slowly.  Something I’ve just read has triggered a response from me.  On p.60, they say:

adaptive change happens by cultivating emergent zone culture.  This involves the ability to create multiple experiments around the edge and then connect them with one another to form a co-learning environment.  It’s a bottom-up rather than top-down process.

This ‘experiments on the edge’ stuff gets me, because it is inherently unstable and totally opposed to the form of church that I have inherited from the modern generation.  When I do church, I am supposed to build from the centre and from the top.  That’s what I was told anyway and it’s a lot more comfortable that way.

But there’s something about ministry on the edges.  I kind of think it’s where Jesus would be.  I don’t think he’d be too worried about the…

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