Day of smiles


Coffee in hand, milk frothed just so, and a creme egg in the other.  It may be weeks until Easter but who cares about minor details like that?  Today has been another good day…gym, a cafe lunch, conversations and messaging interchanges with precious people.

Oh yes, and a TED video!  Did you know that only a third of us smiles more than twenty times a day?  So Ron Gutman says anyway.  Needless to say, I started to become smile-conscious after listening to his talk this morning and I’ve realised how much I smile.  Maybe those of you who know me in person already know this but I’ve just figured out that I smile A LOT!  The twenty smiles mark has long gone today – and I’ve largely been in my own company too, which may make it slightly weirder…I don’t know!  I laugh a lot too (but not on my own because that really would be a little ‘special’!): lately I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just a happy person.  Apart from those times when I am so depressed that I can’t work out why I might get out of bed that day.  Extremes, eh?  But seriously, get to smiling more – according to Gutman, it is unbelievably good for you…and much nicer for the people around you!

In other news today, I’ve been thinking about Christians Against Poverty.  They have a new website so do click through and see what’s new over there.  But actually I’ve not been thinking of them so much in the context of their website but more in respect of their Money Coaching Course, which churches can run for their local communities.  We’re running one right now and what I love about this course is that even tiny believing communities such as ours, the ones with no building, not much cash and a fluctuating attendance can still get involved in serving the local community.  The course offers practical help to prevent the escalation of debt problems and builds a bridge of relationship with a local church in the hope that in time we can share the joy and belonging that we have found in Jesus.  Time and again, people are impacted by the learning and also the experience of community that they get when they come into one of the LifeGiving courses.  They love how we treat each other as family, how we invite them into the intimacy of that, offer a place to belong and a share in the LifeGiving laughter and joy.  Somebody new has just given us that same feedback this time round about our course; and this makes me remember why I do what I do in leading such a community.

I love the local church and love CAP.  If you don’t know who they are, you really need to.  That’s all I’m saying!

And, in fact, that really is all I’m saying today because I cannot ignore the call of this creme egg any longer.  Happy Friday, everyone!


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One thought on “Day of smiles

  1. Thank you for remembering Chloe, I stop by, read and think of you. Glad you’re having a smile filled Friday. I don’t have many words these days but I appreciate that you stopped by “on the way” to say hi. Take care lovely, Laura

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